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I Shot My Love
won the


I Shot My Love
won the

"We felt the winning film contain beautiful use of homemade footage. it covered many territories – geographical, religious, political, linguistic While following a love story conceived at the Berlin film festival. The film focused on the meaning of love and the universality of suffering." (Jury Statment)


2010  |  Israel, Germany  |  56 min.  |  Hebrew, English, German

Seventy years after his grandfather escapes from Nazi Germany to Palestine, Israeli documentary director Tomer Heymann returns to the country of his ancestors to present his film "Paper Dolls" at the Berlin International Film Festival, and there meets a man who will change his life.

This 48-hour love affair, originating in Berghain Panorama Bar, develops into a significant relationship between Tomer and Andreas Merk, a German dancer. When Andreas decides to move to Tel-Aviv, he not only has to cope with a new partner, but to manage the complex realities of life in Israel and his personal connection to it as a German citizen.

Tomer's mother, descendent of German immigrants was born and lived all her life in a small Israeli village, where she raised five sons. One by one, she watches her children leave the country she and her family helped to build, and now cannot help but try to influence the life of Tomer, the one son who remains.

I SHOT MY LOVE tells a personal but universal love story and follows the triangular relationship between Tomer, his German boyfriend, and his intensely Israeli mother.

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B'More QFest - Baltimore, US 2014

With the films:
I Shot My Love
Paper Dolls

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Thin Line Film Festival,Denton,TX 2014

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Days of Jewish Culture Festival,Olomuc,Czech Republic 2013

With the films:
The Queen Has No Crown
I Shot My Love
Paper Dolls

Tomer Heymann will be available for an audience Q&A after the screenings

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FestDivQ LGBT Film Festival,Venezuela 2013

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Trento Film Festival, Italy 2013

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Faded ghosts - Der Spiegel

May 7, 2012
Juliane von Mittelstaedt

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Gay Persons of Color Blog


I Shot my Love, from Tomer Heymann

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Gabriel MAFFRE's blog
"Que sera sera..." Quite simply!

by Gabriel MAFFRE

Tomer Heymann, guest of the festival "Des Images aux mots" was presenting his most personal documentary film on Thursday 10th February in Toulouse - France.

He greets you as if he always knew you. Modest and friendly verve. First contact is fraternal. Tomer Heymann is one of those people who put you at ease from the first meeting. Seductive and simple. Exchange-thirsty, the israeli director does not hesitate to ditch a screening in Germany in order to discover his french audience. Also to honor the national pre-release of his documentary film "I Shot My Love".

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«I shot my love», long winner in Zinegoak

The Gay-Lesbian-Trans Bilbao International Film Festival ended yesterday its 8th edition in which the long "I shot my love" (documentary) and "Sasha" (fiction) were awarded in addition to the short film "Always choose face" , award-winning documentary by the public.

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Aviva Berlin - Online Magazine
I shot my love - A film by Tomer Heymann

By Nadja Grintzewitsch

This sensitive documentation of a German-Israeli love of men affected by authenticity and detail, and not least a tribute to director Tomer Heymann on his ... Extraordinary mother.


The story itself is quite simple: homosexual director who is up for the premiere of his new film in the German capital, dancers meet in a popular Berlin nightclub.They fall in love, the dancer follows the filmmaker to Israel, where he met his mother. After some initial difficulties, the couple finally pulls together to Tel Aviv.

This woman that work would shine but not nearly do justice. It is not the story that captivates, but rather their unique implementation. The pictures are from the beginning to the end real, not fictitious story, the performers beautifully unaffected, since they themselves embodied. Influenced by his father, the family life with our own 8mm camera has recorded its seven-member, director Tomer Heymann holds obsessively all set in its environment. It seems not a moment goes by where he does not see the world through the viewfinder. These films made the documentary "I shot my love", on 13 February 2010 at the Berlin Film Festival celebrated its world premiere.

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Written and directed by:  Tomer Heymann
Producers:  Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann
Editor:  Ido Mochrik
Co-producer:  Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Commissioning Editor:  Sabine Rollberg (WDR/ARTE)
Research:  Tali-Shamir Werzberger
Cinematographer:  Tomer Heymann
Original Score:  Israel Bright & Eran Weitz

The film was co-produced with WDR/ARTE and was fund by The New Foundation for Cinema & T.V, The Jewish Theatre Stockholm, Foundation for Jewish Culture and Gesher Multicultural Film Fund.

The world premiere of the film "I Shot My Love" was held at the Panorama section in Berlin International Film Festival 2010.


Tomer Heymann was born in Kfar Yedidia in Israel in 1970 and has directed many documentary films and series in the past ten years, most of them long-term follow-ups and personal documentations. His films won major awards at different prestigious film festivals including his first film “It Kinda Scares Me”. “Paper Dolls” won three awards at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival and the audience’s award at the Los Angeles Festival. The film and TV series "Bridge over the Wadi”, co-produced with the American ITVS, won the Israeli Documentary Film competition, participated in IDFA Festival's prestigious competition and won many awards around the world. Tomer's new 8-part series "The Way Home" was recently broadcasted by the Yes Doco Channel in Israel and won the best documentary series award at the 2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival. 



2011 – The Queen Has No Crown 82 / 85 min. (Berlinale premiere, Krakow International Film Festivals, Frameline, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, NewFest)

2010 - I Shot My Love 70/56 min. (Berlinale premiere, Best Documentary Award - HotDocs, Audience Award - Taiwan  Documentary Int’l Film Festival, Best Documentary - Side By Side GLBT Film Festival, Best Director & Best Film - Madrid GLBT Film Festival, Special Jury mention - Queer Lisboa GLBT Film Festival, Grand Prix & Best Documentary - Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, Sheffield DOC/FEST). Co-produced with WDR/ARTE 

2009The Way Home  8 X 30 min. (Best Documentary Series Award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival and Best Documentary Series at the Israeli Documentary Competition.)

2007- Debut 5 X 22 min. (first prize — Israeli documentary competition)

2007- Out of Focus 52 min. (MONTPELLIER DANSE festival, SF Jewish FF, Haifa Int'l FF)

2007- Black Over White . 50 min. (Mississippi International Film Festival, USA, Barcelona Jewish Film Festival, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, Haifa International Film Festival)

2007- Cinderellas 4 X 30 min. (Channel 2, Israel)

2006- Paper Dolls 80 min. ( 3 awards at the Berlinale Film Festival, 2 awards at the Identities Film Festival, the “Best International Feature“ award at the Los Angeles Festival, “Best Documentary“ at the Cinemanila International Film Festival in the Philippines, first prize in Jewish FF in Warsaw) 

2006- Bridge over the Wadi 55 min. (IDFA premiere, sylverdocs, golden award Shanghai Int’l TV festival, Audience award ONE WORLD FF in prague, first prize DOCUDAYS FF in Kiev, Audience award WATCH DOCS human rights FF and many more). Co-produced with ITVS 

2005- Bridge Over the Wadi 4 X 30 min. (first prize — Israeli documentary competition)

2004- Paper Dolls 6 X 30 min. (Best original score - Israeli documentary competition)

2003- Aviv-Fucked-up Generation 74 min. (HotDocs, Bangkok, Minneapolis, Greece)

2001- It Kinda Scares Me 57 min. (Best Documentary Award – Taipei Int'l FF, Best Documentary Award – Haifa Int'l FF, Best Documentary Award – Melbourne Int'l FF, Best Documentary Award – Turin Gay&Lesbian FF, Audience Award – Israeli FF, Israeli Academy Award)

2000- Laugh till I cry 45 min. (DocAviv Int'l Film Festival)



Heymann Brothers Films has been operating for over a decade and specializes in long term documentary projects with a social and political orientation, as well as very personal ones. The company was founded by Tomer Heymann, one of the leading documentary directors in Israel.Tomer & Barak In
2001 he created “It Kinda Scares Me” which won the Academy Award in Israel, and other awards in Torino, Milan, New York, Taipei and Melbourne.

In 2003 his film "Aviv - Fucked Up Generation" came out commercially and brought a vast amount of viewers to the cinemas, as it correspondingly participated in many festivals worldwide.

In 2006 his film "Paper Dolls" won three awards at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival and other awards in Torino, Manila, Zurich, Los Angeles, Copenhagen and more. In 2007 both of his new films "Out of Focus" and "Black over White" came out and participated in many different International Film Festivals ever since. During 2007 Tomer also directed a 4-part TV series called "Cinderellas" for the Israeli Channel 2.

In 2003 Barak Heymann, Tomer’s younger brother, joined the company and has since directed and produced an impressive number of documentary films for television and cinema: In 2005, together with Tomer, he created the TV series "Bridge over the Wadi" for the Yes Doco channel in Israel. The series won first place in the Israeli Documentary Competition and praising reviews. About a year later the Heymann brothers created a one-hour version of "Bridge over the Wadi". The film, co-produced with the American ITVS, participated in IDFA Festival's prestigious competition and won many awards around the world. Their mutual TV series "Debut" (2007) won the Israeli Documentary competition and was screened by Yes Doco channel.

Barak's film "Dancing Alfonso" (2007) was screened at the 2008 SXSW festival, won the silver award in the Shanghai TV festival, and the best directing award in Cronograf Documentary Film Festival in Moldova. His latest film “Lone Samaritan” (2010) was screened at the FIPA Film Festival, Krakow Film Festival, The Human Rights Film Festivals in Paris and Bucharest and won the Best Documentary Award at the Jewish Film Festival in Toronto as well as the Best Documentary award at the Israeli Documentary competition.

Among Barak’s outstanding work as a producer is the film "Lady Kul el Arab" (2008) by the award winning Palestinian director Ibtisam Mara'ana, which won a special jury award in IDFA and many other awards worldwide, "Stalags - Holocaust and Pornography in Israel" (2007) by director Ari Libsker was screened at the Film Forum in New York, in Hot-Docs and many other festivals throughout the world and won the first camera award at RIDM Festival in Montreal, and "Sayed Kashua - Forever Scared" (2009) by director Dorit Zimbalist which was screened at the IDFA Film Festival.

During 2008 four retrospective events for the Heymann Brothers filmmaking work were held in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Tel Aviv.

The Heymann Brothers latest 8-part TV series “The Way Home” (2009), directed by Tomer, was broadcast on Yes Doco channel in Israel and won the Best Documentary Series Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival, as well as the best documentary series award at the Israeli documentary competition.

“I Shot My Love” (2010, co-produced with WDR/ARTE) by Tomer Heymann had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, has participated in many prestigious film festivals around the world, and has won many awards including the best mid-length documentary in HOTDOCS, the Audience award at the Taiwan Int’l film festival, the best film & best director at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, special jury mention in Queer Lisboa, best documentary award at Side by Side Film Festival and more. The film is going to be screened in 20 different cities in Germany throughout 2011.

Those days the Heymann Brothers are working on a number of different new projects (documentary films and series), and are teaching documentary filmmaking in different film schools around Israel. The latest production by Heymann Brothers – “The Queen Has No Crown” (2011, by Tomer Heymann) is having its world premiere in the Berlinale on February 12th..


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